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With Answers
People are often hesitant to start something new or walk into a place they have never been before.  We understand this and have provided answers to frequently asked questions that we receive.  Our hope is that this helps you to feel more at ease to ask for needed help or to volunteer as a tutor.  
If you have any additional questions, please let us know by stopping in, calling (716) 366-4438 or emailing us at


 Common Questions...

How much does it cost to get a tutor?

Our tutoring services are free.

I can’t drive, do you offer transportation?
No need to drive! Our tutors will meet you in a public place that is convenient for you such as a local library..

I work all day, do you have tutoring at night?
Our tutors will meet with you at a time that is good for you. We meet with students in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

"I promise that our tutors and myself will do everything we can to help make you feel comfortable and reach your
personal goals.  I look forward to meeting with you soon. "
Julie LaGrow
Executive Director at LVCC

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