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How we help
We provide a variety of services, all free of charge. Our volunteers read with students, help them improve their English skills, teach them math and finances, help them become comfortable using technology, coach them for the high school equivalency test and assist the low vision population with forms and documents.

Our programs empower individuals in our community to improve their lives and write their own story.

Aprende inglés

 Our List of Services is always growing...

English Education 
We teach the fundamental reading and writing skills that adults need to succeed.

We help our students become proficient in the basic math they need in life.

We help our students become comfortable using technological devices and programs.

High School Equivalency
We help students learn what they need to pass the high school equivalency test and earn their diploma.

Low Vision Assistance
We help the low vision population fill out forms and read documents.

Become a student

If you or someone you know is in need of tutoring, please call (716) 366-4438.

The art of tutoring is like any other art: it is learned by doing. The more you do it, the more confident and fulfilled you become. Tutor training is offered continually and all materials are supplied. All it takes is commitment, dedication, communication, and consistency. Come change a life and see how it changes yours!

Become a Volunteer Tutor Today!

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